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Plant Photo Bank of China (PPBC) is a specialized systems to collect, collate and long-term preservation of plant photographs, slides, digital images. Statistics had been featured picture 3072731, Belong to 653 families, 4958 genus and 25605 species.

Plant Photo Bank of China (PPBC) Herbarium(PE),Institute of Botany,Chinese Acedemy of Sciences
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3072731 Pictures
653 Family, 4958 Genus, 25605 Species
383 Uploads today
487 Classified
Groups of classification
Angiospermae 被子植物门
It is biggest and superfine door of plant kingdom.Have embryo bags and one pair of phenomena of fertilizing.250,000, about 25,000 of China, is it subordinate to on 291 subject and 3050 genus to divide.
Gymnospermae 裸子植物门
It is the perennial xylophyta , about 800 kinds in existence, there are 236 kinds in our country.The ginkgo, metasequoia, silver China fir, golden larch, China cypress,etc. are the Chinese peculiar plant.
Pteridophyta 蕨类植物门
Mostly herbaceous, a relatively low-grade one in higher plant.About 12000 kinds of extant pteridophyte, nearly there are 2400 kinds in our country, distributed to the south of the Changjiang River more.
Bryophyta 苔藓植物门
Most primitive each in higher plant.Little short people , plant of world, divide into tongue key link , key link , key link of moss and tongue of horn, luxuriant most among moist environment.
Lower Plant 低等植物
There is no leaf of rhizomes to split up, it does not have the embryo plant that also called, including alga , funguses and lichen. This kind of picture is few now, the fungi will become the goal collected especially.
Other Pictures 其他图片
Collect it with relevant ecological environments of the plant , scientific research and relevant activity pictures mainly, such animal's pictures as amphibian animal , fish , birds ,etc. will be collected especially in the future.
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